To accommodate our international audience abroad, who are unable to participate in person at the BEYOND Expo in Macao this December, we are launching BEYOND Virtual, which will take place from November 9 to Dec 4, 2021 on our official BEYOND Expo website and app.

NOV. 9 (TUE)15:00 - 16:00 (GMT+8)

BEYOND Virtual Opening

Opening Guest Speakers
World-renowned industrial experts and leaders will present opening remarks in regards to BEYOND’s theme “What’s Next?” to kickstart our BEYOND Virtual 2021.

NOV. 9 (TUE)16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+8)

Global Investment Summit: The Next Blue Ocean

In the post-COVID recovery, how can tech-driven startups strategize for fundraising and expansion?

NOV. 10 (WED)15:00 - 16:00 (GMT+8)

The Future of Retail

The panel looks at existing and future use cases in the coffee segment, including coffee robots, 5G cafes, and automated coffee corners.

NOV. 10 (WED)16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+8)

The NFT Boom: The popularity behind non-fungible

After the hype of the NFT boom early this year, speculation states that it will soon go bust.

NOV. 12 (FRI)15:00 - 16:00 (GMT+8)

Vietnam's startup landscape: Opportunities and challenges

The local government has set the ambitious goal of having at least 10 unicorns by 2030. Is Vietnam on track to achieve this goal?

NOV. 12 (FRI)16:00 - 17:00 (GMT+8)

From start-up to scale-up: A closer look at Thailand's 'soon'-icorns

This panel of industry movers and shakers will share their insights and perspectives on the trajectory of emerging unicorns in Thailand.

NOV. 16 (TUE)19:30 - 20:30 (GMT+8)

How would the UN leverage technologies for SDGs: Conversations among technology leaders in the UN system.

This panel focuses on the role of UN and the efforts in place to promote the adoption of the SDGs in tech and businesses.

NOV. 16 (TUE)20:30 - 21:30 (GMT+8)

Startups Driving Inclusive Innovation in The Philippines

Will the availability of old money in the Philippines be the key to accelerating innovations in the country?

NOV. 16 (TUE)21:30 - 22:30 (GMT+8)

Building Resilience: How does Innovation Empower Malaysian Businesses to Boost the Economy?

Organized by WORQ, this panel will discuss the changes and opportunities that arose during the pandemic in Malaysia.

NOV. 18 (TUE)19:30 - 20:30 (GMT+8)

In Japan and Globally: How Can We Create New Growth Opportunities Through Global Open Innovation?

Co-hosted with SAMURAI INCUBATE INC., this panel focuses on how global firms can create new growth opportunities through open innovation in Japan.

NOV. 18 (THU)20:30 - 21:30 (GMT+8)

Pakistan: Bridging the South and Southeast Asia Startup and Innovation Ecosystems

What are the tech innovations that we should look out for as more support from the Pakistani government are put into place?

NOV. 18 (THU)21:30 - 22:30 (GMT+8)

Smart Manufacturing: How Industry 4.0 is Shaping the Future of Manufacturing in Germany and China

This panel focuses on the innovation landscape of smart manufacturing between Germany and China.

NOV. 23 (TUE)19:30 - 20:30 (GMT+8)

Rethinking Recovery Through Innovation

This panel will provide guidance on which innovation approaches to prioritize and how to decide which opportunities to grasp.

NOV. 23 (TUE)20:30 - 21:30 (GMT+8)

Game On: The Evolution of Esports and Gaming

How will the fast-evolving landscape of esports and gaming impact the global entertainment trend?

NOV. 23 (TUE)21:30 - 22:30 (GMT+8)

London: A Global Hub for Games

This panel will share how London’s games ecosystem promotes the UK’s capital as one of the global hubs in games.

NOV. 30 (TUE)19:30 - 20:30 (GMT+8)

SEA of Opportunities: The New Capital Wave

With record-breaking unicorns in 2021, SEA is witnessing a surge in new capital. Leading SEA investors discuss where exactly the opportunities lie.

NOV. 30 (TUE)20:30 - 21:30 (GMT+8)

Family Offices: Global Landscape and Key Trends


In this panel, we will look at some of the best-known family office leaders and investors and learn how they define the well-rounded success of the Family Office Industry.

NOV. 30 (TUE)21:30 - 22:30 (GMT+8)

Entering a SPAC-tacular Era

How ready is SEA for SPAC as an option to exit? What strategies are SEA exchanges employing to attract listings?