BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo will be focusing on tech breakthroughs. BEYOND aims to surpass conventional tech expo and challenge the future of businesses.

Infrastructure, Smart City & living

Disruptive technology innovations are influencing the infrastructure asset class, as well as the ways in which we live, commute, and work. Smart home, travel technology, retail technology, education technology, beauty technology, and many other innovative applications and services will emerge.


Big Data/Analytics
Cloud Infrastructure

Smart City

Smart Security
Smart Supply Chain
Smart Retail
Prop Tech

Smart Living

Smart Home & Appliances
Entertainment & E-sport
Beauty Tech
On-Demand Services
Social & Travel Tech

Life Science

Technology breakthroughs and advancements in the healthcare industry have improved the diagnostic process, treatment plans, and medical tools or platforms. Providing people with new digital solutions for adhering to healthy habits and lifestyles.


Medical Devices
Immunology and Gene Therapy
Small Molecules
Peptides & Proteins


Patient monitoring
Imaging & Navigation
Biomarker Discovery

Tools / Platform

New Materials
Personal Health & e-health
Manufacturing and Delivery
Green Biotech

Impact Tech

Technology should be more widely adopted to solve various difficulties and problems arising from the environmental changes and human development. This includes but not limited to green technology, food and agricultural technology, sustainable fashion technology, and so on.

Food & Agriculture Tech

Plant-based food
Animal Substitution
Functional Food
Sustainable Agriculture
Robotics & Drones

Green Tech

Sustainable and Clean Energy
Renewable and Recyclable Materials
Recycling Technology
New Energy Vehicle Technology
Smart Grid Technology
Zero Emission/Zero Pollution Manufacturing
Environmental Protection Technology

Future Tech

Space technology, quantum computing, genetic engineering, BEYOND will work closely with global university labs, prestigious research institutions, leading edge technology companies, international investment institutions, and innovation hubs, providing a platform for futuristic experimental technology applications to discover potential business value more quickly.