With the rapid development of modern biotechnology, precision medical technology based on genomic testing, regenerative medicine, and cell therapy technology have been more widely used in the field. At present, precision medicine based on genomic testing is becoming a trend, and cell therapy which is receiving attention from the global medical market is also becoming a cutting-edge tumor treatment. Early intervention in the biotechnology innovation industry chain will enable us to take the lead in the global bio-economic transformation. This session will discuss from the development direction of genomic testing, biotechnology, and stem cells.





Perspectives on genomics testing-based precision medicine technologies

BGI, Berry Genomics, Ignite Pharma, Panbiotics


Biotechnology and transformation of global bioeconomy

WuXi AppTec, Fuhong Hanlin, Watson Bio

Stem Cells

Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Industrialisation

BoyaLife, China Stem Cells